Today i felt so good for having the chance to get up not that early,because i entered school later and being able to stay some time in bed,in my comfortable and warm blankets, watching how the snow was falling down,sometimes faster,other times slower….I was grateful for the breakfast i took with my family in a Tuesday morning,a working day,the first working day of this week cause Monday was free due to the fact that it was Romania’s National Day! I was grateful for my classmate and deskmate who has always been so kind and sweet and understanding and full of love!! I was also grateful for the fact that i passed over the Cambridge exam and that i do not have another extra class during the week….I was grateful for the tablet which has no viruses anymore and for the warm meal that i eat prepared by my grandma…..i am grateful to all i have,both spiritually and materially . I thank today to all the people,things,and beeings or divinities who made possible and so beautiful the life i have and i live and the life i should appreciate way much more !

Be grateful today and thank today to what makes you feel good,happy,gorgeous,comfortable or other positive feeling 🙂


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