Dear younger self

This letter was composed and sent for a writing contest organised by the UCAS ,which is the platform everyone who wants to apply for studies in U.K. uses. I didn’t win but still, I am proud by myself of this and the fact that I did it during the summer break even though I had so many temptations around me. I was able to say “no” to some activities in order to finish it . So, here it is: 


Dear younger self,

“I would walk 500 miles /And I would walk 500 more” are the lyrics of the song you kept singing with your desk mate in the breaks over and over again. And you know what? You will walk those miles and 967 more on top of them from your home town, just to arrive at university and to start your first year in United Kingdom.

You are scared, I know. Frightened of the unknown that is in front of you .But let me tell you this:

You will get over saying goodbye to the place that was home for 19 years, to your family and friends. You will create other bonds .Maybe not that strong at the beginning but you will be delighted to meet new people. You will also cry because you have no friends to go dancing with. And you will go by yourself. And you will survive. You will enjoy to the fullest the sunny days and on the grey ones you will meet your deadlines. You will get good grades. You will be able to cook, clean, wash, tide up and still have time to volunteer and be part of a society. And you will learn along the way the difference between tutorial and lecture .You will figure it out if you need one notebook for all subjects or one for each. You will also get used to sending emails to teachers and not staring one hour in front of the computer trying to compose it. You will understand what is a ‘0’ hour contract, the importance of line-managers, which are the 4 P’s and the fact that an entrepreneur is both born and raised. You will be amazed by the connection between tourism and Umberto Eco. You will discover that between the typologies of tourists, you are both a dreamer and an allocentric. You will discover you are a Millennial. You will be charmed by the flexibility the university gives and by the fact that you have a word to say about the choice of subjects. You will be more curious than ever and even go to a postgraduate conference. You will finally feel that you are studying something that matches you .And you will be relieved. You will know that in your life you will have 5 careers and 3 are still uncreated. You will feel more confident. You will feel home. And you will start to like more your name. You will be grateful that you have 3 more years of studying and not just 2.

And you will be happy to have lived the best year of your life!

And you will get to this day, when, unbelievably to you now, you will wait for the summer holiday to end and you will want to go back to university as soon as possible .But you will still love the warmth from your climate and the lack of rain and so decide to stay until September home.


     With love,

                                                                             Your future self



When I looked back to how much I climbed in one of my trips in the Carpathians Mountains in Romania

That’s it, so tell me what are you thoughts on that? How was for you the first year of university , no matter if you stayed at home, went on the other side of the world or decided on taking online courses !? 

Thank you and if you read until here you are a person who has patience and I really appreciate you and wish you the best ! 


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