I want to feel loved

I admit that this is something very personal but it burns me totally…and I am not a phoenix that will reborn from the ashes …I needed to put this out in the world and see how people react to it…

I want to feel looked after and loved and taken care of…I want to be chased , to feel interesting and important to someone. I do feel a lack of affection. And yes, I know, to have a significant other before being able to feel complete by my own is against my inner rules…rules imposed by myself, according to which I can’t feel that true love until I feel I am loved 100% by myself , that I would lie myself if I would get in a relationship in this state, when I know that I still did not reach the stage where I love myself entirely and I feel awesome with me?!  But what if I am wrong? What if I should allow someone to love me? or not necessary love me but give me affection … because I know that I can give so much affection as well , I want real connections with people, I want to make them feel loved and that they  matter in life. I know how it is like to not feel that from some people and I also know that feeling that is such a wonderful feeling.

I theorize  everything and at the same time take everything too personal…and here I talk about people who are basically strangers.

Tell me ,please, did you ever feel the same way I do? Am I alone in this world going through this same thing? I need company, I need to know that you can overcome this and how others found the solution.

And at the end, I will only add that I have 2 song recommendations:

  • Natasha Bedingfield- Soulmate

Why? Because it talks about finding someone who loves you and the girl is wondering where her soulmate  is, if he is “disguised”  or if he is already in her life and she didn’t see him…

  • HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

It says about a girl who loves a guy but apparently he is not that much into her… did I get it wrong? What do you think, cause I am not entirely sure about the meaning behind words?

I hope that you have the self love for yourself and maybe the loves from the significant other !

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