My moment of peace

Today I finally went to the park. I wanted for so long to go but most of the time when the weather was good I was too stressed about something I did not do and postponed so I had to do it in the last minute. So I needed  badly to go there.In fact, anywhere closer to nature. It was healing!

When I got to the park, I went straight to my favourite place in the park , just the bench in front of the People’s Palace (I still haven’t visited it yet-definitely need to !!!) and read. I took off the headphones and put the phone aside and just listened agreen.JPGnd took out the book and read. It felt so good. The air was cold but not so much that I would freeze. Oh and the birds were singing and it was all so nice and peaceful…in the moments when I was not reading and just staying and enjoying the scenery and moment, I would see the people , most of them walking with the headphones on. What a waste, as they could not hear the music of the nature…Now, don’t get me wrong, I also listen to music in my headphones and maybe I also can’t hear the sound of a dog barking, a child laughing or the birds…but from time to time, is good to also disconnect. It’s, I think, helpful. Healing.Just peace and quiet.

However, I also go to loud places and in fact , the same day but in the evening I went to a party and a club afterwards. Obviously, it was noise, loudness, madness. The evening was the opposite of the afternoon.All the words defining and describing the afternoon are the antonyms of what was the evening.

I think that it is amazing when a person can do both or enjoy both. It shows the flexibility or adaptability. And it also suggests the balance that is in that person’s life. To be able to enjoy silence and loudness, light and darkness, the sun and the moon, Maths and Psychology, etc.; to be able to be both realistic and dreaming, angel and demon, classy and rock , romantic and aggressive etc. If you are able to be and enjoy both sides of the same coin ,let’s say, it means that you are in fact a bingo. You have both masculine and feminine energy within yourself. You are  whole ! (here I have been influenced by the latest book I read called ” The Bingo Theory ” by Mimi Ikonn-an extremely great and useful reading to me ).

Overall, my experience is that the nature,can , indeed, have magical powers upon us and that coming back to it can bring us something that we lost in the technological world we live in. I do now believe all that was said in some videos online about how good it is for people to go put in forests and walk and that it was scientifically proven to heal human beings.

I hope that from now on I will no longer stay inside when I feel powerless or tired or without hope or with any other mental or physical disease  and in stead I will go outside and get back to the Mother Nature !

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