Cutting my hair

I have always loved long curly hair. However, I was not born with the curly hair . And in terms of length, I got to have it the longest some months ago, after a long time without cutting it. But, this resulted in  a hair that had bad endings  and which was no longer looking that good.  So I decided to cut it . But this came in 2 stages and now I regret it as I could have cut it all from the beginning and maybe donated it . Anyway, I cut it. After years of trying to cut as little as possible and fighting to have long hair, I decided to do it.


This is the length of my hair before cutting 

And what an interesting perspective of life I had due to this little change in looks. I felt less beautiful and less attractive. I felt that the short hair made me look even more childish and not at all more mature (something that many young adults try to achieve in their 20s,right?) . And I had to live with that hair. Every time I’d look in the mirror I’d see the flaws and not at all the good part. I had to fight the fact that I was labeling looking good with long hair. Not short hair. Now, what I mean by short hair is a middle-length hair which, however,seems short for me.

Charlotte Le Bon-new hair inspiration.:

This is kind of the length of my hair (in the picture there is Charlottle Le Bon)

Now, 3 months later since the big event, the hair is already longer. And I am way more confident in my looks. I feel that the cutting hair process was a challenge that made me get out of my comfort zone . And I no longer regret for doing it. I am happy that I somehow followed the gut and did what I felt I should do .

At the same time, this experience taught me that we do have stereotypes and that we have certain images of beauty and what certain features mean. And it is so sad but this made me compliment people way more.

I still love the long hair and I still crave for the beautiful braids and curly hair…but I also observe more the girls with short hair. I do appreciate the both. In the first case,the girls with long hair, I appreciate the amount of effort and time given to take care of it and style it. Second case, I appreciate the courage to have it so short despite the general idea of beauty …

Also,the shorter hair game me the possibility of washing it in the morning and after going about my day, something that was never possible with the long hair. So I can say that I am now more flexible and I don’t have to wash it in the evening , when sometimes I am so tired that I’d better go and sleep.

Hope that my little story will make other people fell good about themselves ,too !

Lots of love :X





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