I got lost

I got lost and I lost sight and direction. I set goals for 2017 as every year but because I wasn’t sure about them I told myself that they are not set in stone and that they may change  and that this is ok.

However, I’d say now, 3 months into the new year, that it is not.  Because I feel useless. Yes, I smile and try to be a good person (not necessary that I succeed ) but deep inside something is not in the right place. I no longer feel interested so much in what I am studying but in the books I read for my own pleasure. And in trying to understand people’s behaviour and emotions and feelings.

I set to-do lists and goals for a week or two but I rarely meet them. I tell myself that I would have something finished by that date but it never happens to have it done. I am so disappointed by me.I am almost always finishing my parts for group assignments the last and I never did that in the past.And the issue is not that I forgot and was irresponsible.In fact, I know very well the deadlines and times and what I should do , but never actually do it.And when finally starting ,I feel that I could have done it way better and gained far more. And the paradox is that , I like what I study. Not as much as last semester, but still , I like it!

What is wrong with me? Has anyone been through the same issues? How did you overcome them?

Please, share what you discovered that worked for you, others like me may find a solution within your story !

This picture is a metaphor for me and my unclear path(it is in fact the sunset in a late spring day in my hometown)




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