What a dance class taught me


What can a dance class teach you apart from the steps and moves and how to count and follow the rhythm? Well ,it can teach you how important it is to feel confident in yourself and your body. 

A couple of days ago I took a dance class that taught you a dance called Charleston. I have to say that I am a dance lover and enthusiast.  And that most of the time I do just follow the rhythm and dance as I feel. I went to dance classes once or twice in my life.

I did find interesting the dance and the steps , as it is something not as common as latin music let’s say, that you can listen to and dance on in clubs(and that I super much  enjoy!) .

However, what I discovered was that there were people of all ages ,shapes,heights and weights. Between those people, I felt the least confident. I could see how the other women would not be concerned about how they look like or how well they perform compared to the others. Whereas I was all about that ,unfortunately… I was, in fact, after the general looks’ standards(have a considerable height, proportional measures for the other parts and a decent look and aspect), the best. But how little it mattered that! Because I lacked the self confidence!

I would all the time care what the others say about how I look like , about my  movements , about my dancing…and the reality is that nobody cared less.

Maybe it is true that with age you become more comfortable in your own skin and you learn to actually love yourself and don’t care what the f**k the others may believe(it is may because nobody is sure of what others think).

Hopefully this dance class will  showed me that you can excel in something no matter how you look like ! and that in deed, self confidence is so necessary! And that I should no longer be so worried all the time about how I cannot loose weight, how I have a bad hair day or that I have a pimple on my nose…And all those lessons online about how you should master self love, self confidence and so on , I swear, to me they are all important and not just things that are shared for the sake of doing that. For the people who believe that there is no such thing as people who can feel insecure in a dance class, trust me, this is reality for some of us ! Even though it is not obvious sometimes, we try to hide it.




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  1. Elise says:

    That’s a very important lesson! It’s always good to learn from your experiences and to understand that you don’t live this life for others, but for yourself, so it doesn’t matter how you look like, as long as you feel amazing.
    Have a wonderful day and keep on the good vibe!

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    1. Helen says:

      Thank you so so much for appreciation and the nice words ! I also hope that we can all learn from the experiences ! Hugs and kisses :X


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