Please, appreciate anyone’s work!

Dear you,

This is a letter to all who believe what they are studying or working on is better to anyone else …

 Congrats to you! You’ve found already the subject /field you enjoy the most so you are following your dream/passion/path. I envy you!

However, even though you believe what you’re studying is better, don’t treat others disrespectfully .To think that your field is more useful than another is not the way of being of any help to the society. Remember, the world evolved to what’s today due to cooperation. Think of it: you work and do what you think is right using your skills and abilities, but at a certain point, you think of going on holiday. Well, the websites exist due to some web developers and computer scientists. The hotel was built by some workers and planned by an architect. The food at the restaurant was cooked by a chef and you were brought the dishes by a waiter. The place was cleaned and had all the standards. You found out of a new attraction due to a well-created promotional campaign. All of these (plus many others, of course) made you able to have the holiday you had. And you think other people are less valuable comparing them to your job? Without them your holiday would not have been most likely possible.

Think of the songs you listen to while going home. At the radio or getget that gives you this possibility. Think of the movies you watch. And think of how you can access it from one click staying in the comfort of your bed. Think of the books you read. And of the lamp that gives you the light so that your eyes with glasses can read.  All of them are somebody else’s work. All of them! And that work as valuable as yours. Not more. Not less. Its immediate impact on the world is indeed, questionable, but it exists. The new Tesla’s car is given more attention than an old lady’s smile on the street to someone.  That smile as well as the car will impact the world somehow. Small or big. But it will. Watch movies like “The  Butterfly Effect” , “My Nobody” or even “La la land”. In all of them there is present the “domino principle”,  where it is shown that any action, no matter how small, will create a different sequence of events compared to another action.

The point of all of these is to acknowledge the fact that we are all going to live in a better world if we can appreciate what others do, as good as they can. Don’t judge them or underestimate them! We all got here because of generations of generations of people who followed their interest and thank the others for doing the same.

So, thank you for discovering your interest. Keep doing the good job that you already do and remember that you can read these lines here that are structured in paragraphs and have a sense due to others’ inventions: the language itself, the pen, paper, desk, electricity, etc.(yes, paper and pen because this was initially written as a draft like that, the old way )



A human who’s been hurt by being labelled as less



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