It’s your heart

Screenshot_2017-04-20-14-03-56If you ever feel that you have no purpose and meaning or that you don’t really know what you are actually doing here ,wherever you are, do this: put your hand on the left side of your chest. you will feel your heart beating.  And acknowledge the fact that you are alive . So it must be a reason out there for which you are here. 

Anytime you feel that you are not worthy , you are meaningless, you lack purpose and feel that you are not loved and not valued, do this. Turn to yourself! It is the only space where you can find true meaning and value and love.

Listen to this song that talks about your heart : Pumpin Blood  !

If you ever experience anything that makes you believe that you have no reason to be here , message me,please! I am here! Just reach out to me !

You are alive if you read these words !



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