I do realize that it is so true when they say that

opportunities are like sunrises. if you wait too long you miss them.

I am so aware that you can miss opportunities from the fear of not making a mistake and this is actually the saddest thing, because you just stay and wait but not be in the present moment . You may actually be on the hill and have the perfect place from where to see the sunrise, but because something got your attention you miss the sunrise. Or you wait for too long to buy a dress and when you feel confident enough it is already sold. Or you wait for so long to put that pair of new shoes and when you finally say that it is the perfect moment, you may not be able to wear them as you may not be able to walk or go… i know, it is a very sad thing , but it may happen. Of course, this waiting may happen in small things like the ones mentioned earlier but also in more important matters of life, like work, friendships, love.

Of course, we have no proof of what we missed. We only have the idea pictured in our minds, expected, of what could have been done or made or what path you could have taken. But you will never know what could have been.

As with the sunsets, you may miss it today but catch it tomorrow. However, is the same sunset?

Still, this idea also emphasizes the fact that we should take the chances we are given , without thinking of what may go wrong or what others may think. We should just go for it if we feel like it. We should just grab our coat and boots and go out there and don’t spend too much time fixing the fuzzy hair, the small  eyes , the short eyelashes, the big nose, the thin lips, the pimples , the belly that can be seen, the legs that are not long enough , the butt that is not small enough …because the sun will rise without us there. It won’t wait for us to look perfect because it doesn’t care…and guess what, it also knows that you will spend the whole life achieving perfection which is unattainable. Not even it , the sun, is not perfect always. One day may be more pale, the next one may shine so bright it blinds us or the next one it may be obstructed by the clouds … just like us, people.

So please, don’t wait too long for the opportunity because it is most likely that you will regret what you did not do and not what you did!

Here is  a few of the sunsets that I framed these days in Glasgow. ( I know, they are not sunrises but I rarely do wake up so early to see one. Such a shame,I know. It is on my list, to see the sunrise here in Scotland. I heard that seeing it from Edinburgh from up the hills is so beautiful -if the weather is good, too, haha)

On one of the bridges over Clyde river
From my room





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  1. Beautifully written! Lovely you are finding yourself.. hope you discover yourself soon!! Lovely post and lovely who am I!!

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    1. Helen says:

      Thank you very much for the comment and the support and the kind words, really matters !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are most welcome!! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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