You Are Beautiful


So beautiful written ! It should be true for anyone !

Live Your Dreams 24/7

Hey you girl, yes you over there
Reading through your specs as they settle on your nose
And you too
Reading as your thoughts race back to gym
Then that girl over there
Reading while she covers her scars up with a scarf
You too my girl
Reading with her hat on, covering her balding top

Didn’t they tell you? How can they not?
Never mind, I will. Today and tomorrow, everyday
You are beautiful, just amazing
Don’t you ever doubt your beauty, it radiates from within
You need them? You need them not!
People who judge you from your cover don’t deserve to see the inner pages
Withdraw from them all for we are here
Loving you for the person you are, the soul that resides within
See that beauty you have
Embrace what you’ve got, face that mirror and tell it you are beautiful!

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