No more comparing


Hey you!

You still didn’t stop from comparing your life and all that you are doing with anyone else and you are still worrying about what all the other people think and if they judge you.

You have you own destiny and path.  You don’t have to care so much if other approve your choices as long as you know that deep down it is the right thing  to do. And please, stop over-analyzing.  You do this in every aspect of your life. Just let everything evolve naturally!

Don’t think of all the reasons why something wouldn’t work or why something would not be achieved. Think of all the reasons why it could work without having all your life attached to that as in the very unlikely case of not being met, you won’t be too hurt!


But please, just please, stop comparing you and your life and the outcomes to others. You and every other person are different on this Earth and what may bring you so much joy would leave another unimpressed. You are you and do only what you feel like doing.  Follow that gut and you will regret less than if you don’t ! YOU NEED TO TRUST YOU AND ONLY YOU ! I know, the reason why you don’t do this sometimes is because you are afraid. You are scared of what would X say, believe, what image you would leave to others… Of what you will be labelled as and put in a category. But this will happen anyway! No matter what path you choose. So if it feels right and you believe that



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  1. Absolutely true!! Comparison and negative thoughts will always hamper ones progress in life!!

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    1. Helen says:

      Yes, you are so right ! 🙂

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