The Bingo Theory

One of my other interests, apart from writing, is reading. 

I decided on sharing a few of the books that I’ve read and caught my attention. I will tell mostly what I liked about the book and I will also put some quotes that I liked.

 Hope you will enjoy it and tell me what you think ! 

The Bingo Theory  by Mimi Ikonn


I came across the book through the videos that the author of the book has on YouTube. I really liked her videos, especially due to the content-I found it to be high in terms of quality, but at the same time attractive when looking at.  Anyway, in some of them she mentioned the book that she wrote and I went online to see what it is about and decided on buying it. Such a good idea I had. I really followed the gut to buy it.

I found it very well written and structured. Not only interesting and with references for those that want to find out more about a topic, but also full of ideas that make you realize that many times when you believed that what you did was randomly, it was due to something that can be explained.

So the basic idea is that there are 4 typologies of people, if you take into consideration the gender(here, male and female, but this does not mean that it does not apply to other genders) and the type of energy that exists in the world (Feminine and Masculine). And according to which category you are part of, you have certain features, traits, habits, likes and activities that you are more drawn to. More, based on that, you are also more likely to be attracted to certain people. The whole idea of the book is that if you know yourself and acknowledge the category you may fall into, it means that you are able now to build your other opposite energy, in order to become a person that is whole, called Bingo. Pretty straightforward, right?

So, I won’t go into more details, but I will only leave some quotes that I liked:

[…] the hero of any story is always someone who uses both their masculine and feminine energy and his ability to draw on these energies make him able to save the day when nobody else can

Somewhere in between ‘poor me, I’m useless’ and ‘check me out, I’m fabulous’ is a great place to be

fake it till you make it-in terms of courage and feeling in charge

When you’re not balanced , you will attract people who are just as unbalanced as you.

intimate relationships act like a mirror. They reflect back the lessons you need to learn. But everything starts with you. Don’t expect the other person to change. It’s your job to balance yourself.

Relationships are our greatest opportunity, not only for joy but also for growth.

I’ve put only these quotes, even though I have entire pages and even parts of the book marked. But I believe that it is worth that each person reads it for themselves, and after for making their relationships better and then give the book to someone they thought of while reading the book.

Keep working on yourselves all the time and when feeling down, do what you know you enjoy the most. I am now off taking a bath and staying in the tub for a while with some lavender oil and bubbles. See you!


P.S.: The book is also reinforcing the idea that we are not actually 2 halves in the search of each other, but 2 wholes that when they find each other and have a fit, they create something way bigger! Isn’t it nicer to know that together with another, you can make this life of yours even better than it already is?!

We are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole.- Jane Fonda



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  1. Seems to be very heart touching book


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